Nasal Cannula

Nasal cannulae for sleep analysis and CO2 delivery

CNSAC provides soft, comfortable nasal cannulas for adults and pediatrics.

CNSAC nasal cannulae guarantee the optimal conditions for measuring respiratory flow as well as snoring during sleep analysis and sleep screening due to their high wearing comfort and stable Luer-Lock connection. Thanks to the Luer-Lock connection, CNSAC nasal cannulas are compatible with almost all devices such as Heinen + Löwenstein, Embla, Nihon Kohden, Compumedics, ResMed etc.

We offer high quality nasal cannulae for sleep studies and sleep diagnostics to help you derive better data.

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Nasal cannulas for measuring air flow and snoring during sleep screening and sleep studies. For polygraphy and polysomnography (PSG).

Nasal cannulas are divided in two main groups: nasal cannula for oxygen therapy and nasal cannula for sleep diagnostics.

In oxygen therapy, a wide range of nasal cannulas can be used for high-flow oxygen therapy for adults as well as for low-flow oxygen therapy for pediatric application.

In sleep diagnostics, nasal cannulas are used to measure respiratory flow and snoring. In doing so, the cannula system is directly connected to a PSG system or sleep screener.

CNSAC nasal cannulas are used for sleep studies (polysomnography, polygraphy, sleep screening, home sleep test, etc.) to measure respiratory flow, snoring and to detect sleep apneas and hypopneas.

Our nasal cannulas are equipped with a universal Luer-Lock connector and are compatible with different PSG systems including Natus Medical, Löwenstein, Somnomedics, Nihon Kohden, etc.

The main features of CNSAC nasal cannulas can be summarized as:

  • Innovative design
  • Easy application
  • Ensure greater patient comfort
  • Universal Luer-Lock connection

CNSAC nasal cannulas are made of soft and skin compatible medical PVC. Soft nasal prongs provide maximum wearing comfort, especially for long wearing periods.

Another innovative product is our new nasal/oral cannulas for both adults and children, which can be used instead of thermistors (thermal sensors) to detect obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Studies show that our nasal /oral cannulas provide reliable results to identify OSA and are more comfortable and cost-efficient than thermistors or thermocouples.