Circul+ Wellness Ring


Circul+ Ring

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Fitness and sleep tracker ring for precise sleep and movement monitoring


Circul+ Ring continuously monitors blood oxygen concentration (SpO2) and heart rate


The innovative and lightweight design allows Circul+ Ring to be worn imperceptibly day and night. Via the free CIRCUL+ app, you will see all detected data directly on your smartphone


Key advantages of Circul+ Ring:

  • Innovative design with adjustable size
  • For full-time monitoring of blood oxygen concentration (SpO2) and heart rate
  • Accurate sleep monitoring across all 4 sleep stages: transition period between wakefulness and sleep (non-REM stage N1), light sleep (non-REM stage N2), deep sleep (non-REM sleep, stage N3), and REM sleep (dreaming sleep stage)
  • Monitoring of the skin or finger temperature
  • Monitoring the temperature during the night
  • Daily monitoring of SpO2 and heart rate during physical activities such as walking, sports, etc.
  • Free CIRCUL+ app for graphical display of detected data including blood oxygen level (SpO2%), heart rate (HR), oxygen desaturation index (ODI) and 4 sleep stages on your smartphone
  • Up to 16 hours battery runtime


Circul+ Ring helps to improve your personal health and well-being, and makes you more aware of your body.

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