lic2® Electrode Cream, 10 tubes x 100g


Easy to remove
Significant improvement of electrode impedance
10 tubes per pack

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Lic2® electrode cream for Routine EEG, Sleep EEG, Long-term EEG monitoring and Neuromonitoring studies


lic2 Electrode Cream for attaching electrodes during routine EEG, long-term video-EEG, epilepsy EEG and Sleep EEG/PSG (lic2-elektrodencreme-CNSAC-EN).


Product features:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to remove
  • Ensures accurate recording
  • Tube is designed for direct applications
  • Significant improvement of electrode impedance (Comparison of 34 PSG recordings; Number of samples N=132; T-Test with p<0.05)
  • Also suitable for long-term EEG monitoring
  • 100 g tube (3.5 oz.)


Tube Squeezer Key for lic2® electrode cream (eeg-psg-electrode-cream-lic2-cnsac)

In case of ordering at least a one package (10 tubes) of our lic2® electrode cream, you will receive a Tube Squeezer Key free of charge!