AC Body Position Sensor Kit for most PSG systems, 5 AC Patterns


AC Body Position Sensor Kit

One sensor

Attachable band

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AC Body Position Sensor Kit, 5 AC Patterns

To record the patient’s sleeping position (supine, prone, left, right or upright)

For various PSG Systems, Connection via Safety DIN Connectors


The kit includes all that is required for a full assessment:

  • One sensor
  • Attachable band


Compatible to various devices such as:

  • Cadwell
  • Embla Monet
  • Embla Rembrandt
  • Nicolet
  • Stellate


Please contact us if you have any questions regaridng compatibility of position sennor with your devices! Depending on the device, additiona dapter could be necessary!

We will be happy to advise you in all aspects!


Additional varaition for Alice 3, Alice 4 and Alice 5 system upon request!