OneStep Cleargel, Conductive Gel for EEG System Caps, 500g


OneStep Cleargel

Conductive gel

For EEG Caps


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OneStep Cleargel

OneStep Cleargel offers a unique texture for best conductivity. OneStep Cleargel is well suited for use with EEG System Caps, surface cup electrodes and ECG and EMG electrode applications.

OneStep Cleargel is a ready to use gel which is applied into the electrodes with help of a blunted needle and syringe. To reduce impedance a skin preparation is recommended.

When the EEG is complete, the electrodes can be easily rinsed with water until clean. Gel that remains in the patient’s hair can be removed with water or by combing the hair after drying.



  • Low measurement resistance
  • Free of fat, alcohol and colourings
  • Selective application
  • Long lasting conductivity
  • Skin friendly
  • Neutral odour



  • Routine EEGs
  • Long-time EEGs
  • Evoked potentials
  • Nerve stimulations