Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel, 3 tubes x a 114 g


Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel
Reduction of Skin Impedance
3x 114 g Tube

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Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel


Skin Preparation Gel Nuprep

Nuprep Skin Preparation Gel for EEG, EP, PSG and ECG


Nuprep is a mild abrasive gel recommended for normal, dry and also sensitive skin. Skin prepation using Nuprep reduces impedance and improves conductivity to achieve high quality recordings.

Nuprep is latex-free and is manufactured using latex-free gloves.


Nuprep applications:

  • – Long-term EEG monitoring and routine EEG
  • – Sleep diagnostic studies
  • – Neuromonitoring studies
  • – Intraoperative monitoring
  • – Holter monitoring
  • – Evoked potential procedures
  • – Stress tests
  • – Cardiac rehabilitation monitoring
  • – Cardiac catheter monitoring
  • – ECG telemetry
  • – Audiology tests