Nasal Cannulas with integrated filter for sleep diagnostics


Nasal Cannulas with integrated filter

40 cm (16″) tubing

(male) Luer-Lock connector

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Nasal cannula with integrated filter and 40 cm tubing, (male) Luer-Lock connector


Nasal Cannula for Dynamic Pressure Measurement



  • Integrated anti-microbial filter to protect patient and device from cross-contaminations
  • An optimal solution for small portable devices, as the neighbouring connections remain easily accessible
  • High wearing comfort and high-quality recording signal


Nasal Cannulas with integrated filter and (male) Luer-Lock connector for sleep diagnostic

  • 40 cm (16″) tubing
  • 100 pcs.



The nasal cannulas with integrated filter are compatible to all devices with a Luer-Lock connection including Löwenstein Medical, Embla, Somnomedics, Nihon Kohden, Philips Respironics / Alice Systems, ResMed etc.