Mikrozid® Sensitive Wipes


Content: 200 wipes (20 x 20 xm)

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Mikrozid® Sensitive Wipes

The product is suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of alcohol-sensitive surfaces and medical devices. Due to the very good material compatibility the product is to be used on alcohol sensitive surfaces.

Medical equipment as defined by the Medical Device Directive (MDD), such as:

  • Surfaces of medical devices such as a stethoscope, application parts such as ultrasonic heads of probes for abdominal examinations or acrylic glass.
  • Alcohol sensitive application parts that cannot be submerged in liquids, such as ultrasonic heads of probes for abdominal examinations. Please note for the disinfection of semicritical devices (e.g. ultrasonic heads of probes for vaginal examinations) a high-level disinfection is required.


For surfaces according to the Biocidal Products Directive, such as:

  • Small surfaces in hospitals, medical and dental practices and ambulances
  • Small surfaces in medical laboratories, residential and nursing homes



  • Alcohol-free
  • Ready-to-use, disinfectant-impregnated wipes
  • Very fast-acting and effective
  • For alcohol-sensitive surfaces
  • Good cleaning performance


Content: 200 wipes (20 x 20 xm)