Measurements – PayPerUse

Measurements for HomeSleepTest HST and HST REM+

The measurement data recorded during sleep with the HomeSleepTest HST or HST REM+ (EEG, EOG, EMG, impedance, light, movement, head position and snoring) are transferred to a cloud via Bluetooth (

The measurement data are uploaded into the associated password-protected account and can be unlocked and processed by purchasing each individual measurement (PayPerUse).

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Who can purchase measurements?

All HomeSleepTest HST and HST REM+ customers who have their own password-protected account in the cloud. The registered HST account number is required for the purchase. This is stored in the cloud account.

What is included in the PayPerUse purchase?

  • Automatic sleep staging (based on FFT analysis), automatic detection of sleep spindles, K-complexes and cortical arousals, manual sleep staging
  • Multiple night comparison of the same patient for monitoring of therapy progress
  • Configurable reports: Overview report and detailed reports
  • Archiving of raw data, analysis and reports onto the local PC
  • Cloud data storage for 6 months, after that request for archiving
  • Immediate activation and access to the data, even in case of purchase on invoice

Note: The purchase of measurements does not include electrodes.
When will a measurement be charged?Only measurements with a minimum duration of 6 hours and signal quality >50% are charged.