Grass Gold Cup Electrodes, 31 cm cable (12″), 10 pcs.


Grass Gold Cup Electrodes

10 mm diameter (∅)

With 2 mm hole for filling with electrode cream

Color-coded cables (10 colors)

31 cm cable length (12″)

10 pcs./Box

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Grass Gold Cup Electrodes

  • 10 mm diameter (∅)
  • With 2 mm hole for filling with electrode cream
  • Color-coded cables (10 colors)
  • 31 cm cable length (12″)
  • 10 pcs./Box


The quality of applied electrodes is very deciding for a reliable and stable recording druing EEG, EMG, ECG or EOG examinations. During sleep studies (PSG) and routine EEG examinations, the 10-20 system ist normaly used for placement of electrodes on scalp. Although different types of electrodes are available, the use of gold cup electrodes with holes in the center is very recommended. In addition, silver-silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) cup electrodes are also widely used, however, they need repeated chloriding for proper maitanance.

Correct treatment of skin and stable placement of gold cup electrodes are critical steps to reach low impedance and stable recording during EEG. The form of cup electrodes is optimized to provide low impedance and easy placement on scalp. However, skin preparation gel (such as Nuprep) and adhesive conducting paste (such as Lic2 and EC2) should be used to reach low impedance (less than 5k ohms) according to American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).


Grass Gold Cup Electrodes

Grass Gold Cup Electrodes enjoy an excellent reputation becuase of their high quality and a lot of positive feedbacks after many years of application. In addition to a long life, Grass Gold Cup Electrodes provide a stable and reliable recording during sleep screening, PSG and EEG examinations.

Due to their strong mechanical and electrical design, GRASS Gold Cup Electrode ensure a high performance and reliability and guarantee a reliable and accurate EEG, EMG, ECG and EOG recordings.

Grass Gold Cup Electrodes are available in different length, equipped with 1.5mm touchproof connector (female). In addition, they are compatible with steam and EtO sterilization.

Grass Gold Cup Electrodes are compatible to all medical instruments with an 1.5 mm input socket including:

  • – Compumedics
  • – Embla
  • – Somnomedics
  • – Natus
  • – Cadwell
  • – Bio-logic
  • – Compumedics
  • – Embla
  • – Grass
  • – Xltek
  • – Lifelines
  • – Nicolet
  • – NicoletONE
  • – Nihon Kohden
  • – Respironics
  • – Teca Nervus


Significant advantages of Grass Gold Cup Electrodes:

  • – Gold electrodes have heavy gold (24k) plate over pure silver
  • – Disk diameter (Ø): 10 mm
  • – 2 mm hole for application of electrode cream or gel
  • – Strain relieved and very durable cable to prevent all fluid invasion and maintain purity
  • – Highly flexible teflon cable, lightweight
  • – 1.5 mm touchproof connector


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