Disposable Adhesive Electrode for Sleep Diagnostics, 150 cm leadwire


Disposable Adhesive Electrode, pre-wired

Cable length 150 cm

33 x 24 mm

10 pcs./Pack

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Covidien Sleep Electrode for EOG/PSG, with 150 cm leadwire


Pre-gelled and self adhesive electrode for sleep studies and PSG

Skin-friendly adhesive electrode with excellent adhesive strength


  • Disposable electrode with 100 cm connecting cable and 1.5mm DIN connector
  • Wet Gel
  • Self-adhesive
  • 1.5mm DIN connector
  • 33 x 24 mm
  • 10 Stk./Pack


This electrode ist designed for application during sleep screening and PSG. The soft carrier material is optimized for EOG mesurements during sleep diagnostic and neurological examinations. The used wet gel provide a reiable recording. Suitable for both adults and children.