Bipolare Stimulation Electrode with 1.5mm DIN connector, Pediatric


Bipolare Stimulation Electrode with 1.5 mm DIN connector


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Bipolare Stimulation Electrode with 1.5 mm DIN connector, Pediatric


  • Shielded stimulation electrode with ergonomic handle
  • 15 mm distance between stimulation points
  • 150 cm wire length
  • 1.5 mm DIN connector
  • Set contains 1x stimulation electrode, 2x round felts, 1x velcro-tape


Bipolar and bar stimulation electrodes are used in electroneurography (ENG). Electroneurography is a method to measure how fast electrical signals move through a nerve (nerve conduction velocity). It is a method to test the function of peripheral nerves. It can be used to measure the nerve conduction velocity in nerves that supply muscles (motor nerves) as well as in nerves that are responsible for sensations (such as temperature or touch stimuli) (sensitive nerves).