Adhesive Conductive Paste “EEG-acp” , 10 Tubes x 100 g (3.5oz)


✓ CE and FDA approved

✓excellent adhesive strength
✓ skin friendly
✓ short drying time
✓ excellent & stable impedances
✓ economical in the application

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Adhesive Conductive Paste for Routine-EEG, Sleep-EEG (PSG), long-term EEG and Epilepsy EEG


EEG adhesive and conductive paste for simultaneous adhesion and conduction during EEG examinations


Excellent electrode cream for cup electrodes during routine EEG, sleep diagnostics (PSG) and long-term EEG examinations and for epilepsy EEG



CE and FDA approved.



  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • Skin friendly
  • Short drying time
  • Excellent & stable impedances
  • Economical in the application
  • 10 x 3.5oz tube


EEG-acp paste fulfills all requirements for an accurate EEG recording:

  • Improved adhesive strength and short drying time for more efficiency in practice
  • Excellent and stable recording signals
  • Easy to remove with water or mild detergent


Try our new EEG paste and improve the signal quality of your EEG measurement.

To be used in combination with:



CE and FDA approved.

Tutorial: How to attach EEG electrodes:

Learn how to attach Cup Electrodes with our tutorial video in easy steps.


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